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our plans for bears in Ukraine


2023 should see the end of the cruel keeping of bears on hunting stations

In the framework of the #saddestbears campaign, FOUR PAWS has set itself the task of putting an end to the abuse of bears for dog fights and the keeping of bears on hunting stations by 2023. We hope to achieve this through:

  1. public outreach and raising awareness about animal welfare in Ukraine.
  2. political campaigning on a local level in order to achieve further legal amendments to protect bears kept in captivity.
  3. the rescue of more fighting bears and their transfer to BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.

Former fighting bear Laska was successfully transferred to BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr close to Lviv on 28. February 2019 Laska lived for years in intolerable conditions in the run-down Pokrovsk Zoo close to the city of Donetsk. We were able to verify that she was previously kept as a fighting bear and abused for training hunting dogs.  

Bear Laska

Laska finds a species-appropriate home in bear sanctuary  Domazhyr

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