Meet our rescued bears

Bear Soi

Rescue Bear Soi

Oct 2022 - Ninh Binh

A fresh start for the young bear after being kept in a tiny cage

Bear Mark behind bars

Rescue Bear Mark

Dec 2022 - Arbesbach

After 20 years in a tiny cage, Albania's last restaurant bear is finally free

Bear Iva in North Macedonia

Rescue Bear Iva

Sep 2022 - Belitsa

Trapped for the first 6 years of her life

Rescue Bé and Em

Rescue Bear Cubs Bé and Em

May 2022 - Ninh Binh

Stolen for the illegal wildlife trade, two orphaned bear cubs are safe now

Bear Vova before rescue

Rescue Bear Vova

Mar 2022 - Domazhyr

No more entertaining – a new life awaits the Ukrainian restaurant bear

Bear Sam

Rescue Bears Sam and Jamila

May 2022 - Arosa

After many years in poor captivity, a new chapter for the brown bears begins

Bear Teddy in a tiny cage

Rescue Bear Teddy

Nov 2020 - Belitsa

Bear Teddy gets the life he deserves in BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa!

Bear Jeta

Rescue Bear Jeta

Aug 2017 - Belitsa

New home for one of Europe's saddest bears

Bear in cage

Rescue Bears Suzana and Bruno

Jul 2019 - Belitsa

FOUR PAWS transferred two brown bears to cooperation partner Bear Refuge Kuterevo in Croatia

Bear Riku to BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa

Rescue Bear Riku

Dec 2016 - Belitsa

FOUR PAWS brings Albanian bear Riku to BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa

Bear Thi

Rescue Nine Bile Bears

Feb 2022 - Ninh Binh

From life behind bars to paradise: Almost two decades in captivity are over

Bear Martha

Rescue Bear Martha

Aug 2021 - Domazhyr

The Ukrainian circus and restaurant bear finally gets her freedom

Bears in Vietnam

Rescue Bears Lili, Lulu and Lac

May 2019 - Ninh Binh

The impromptu rescue of three nameless Asiatic black bears 

Bear Kvitka

Rescue Bear Kvitka

Jun 2018 - Domazhyr

Fighting bear Kvitka rescued from Ukrainian hunting station

Bear Dushi

Rescue Bear Dushi

Oct 2018 - Müritz

A new beginning for bear Dushi at our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Rescued bear cub Mochi

Rescue Bear Cubs Mochi, Nara and Nikko

May 2020 - Ninh Binh

Three bear cubs saved in Vietnam from illegal wildlife traders

Rescue Bears Xuan and Mo

Rescue Bears Xuan and Mo

Mar 2021 - Ninh Binh

Kept in a basement, the Asiatic black bears were rescued from a life in darkness 

Bears in Vietnam

Rescue Bears Keo, Lim, Dieu, San and Khoai Lang

Mar 2019 - Ninh Binh

Five bears rescued from agonising conditions in Vietnam

7 bile bears rescued

Rescue of 7 Bile Bears

Nov 2020 - Ninh Binh

Asiatic black bears La, Lam, Sang, Dua, Khe, Oi and Xoai begin their new lives at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh 

Bear Andri in Prishtina

Rescue Bear Cub Andri

Jun 2021 - Prishtina

FOUR PAWS rescues orphaned bear cub from basement

Bear Nhi Nho

Rescue Bear Nhi Nho

Nov 2017 - Ninh Binh

A former bile bear, suffering from stress disorder, enlarged adrenal glands and with two missing front paws, is finally rescued

Rescue Bears Frol and Frosia

Rescue Bears Frol and Frosia

Oct 2020 - Domazhyr

Born for entertainment, these two restaurant bears knew no different – now they begin a new life! 

Bear Luna

Rescue Bear Luna

Nov 2016 - Müritz

One of Europe’s saddest bears rescued

Amelia and Meimo

Rescue Bears Amelia & Meimo

Jan 2019 - Arosa

Two new inhabitants at Arosa Bear Sanctuary, Switzerland

Asiatic black bear Thu

Rescue Bear Thu

Oct 2020 - Ninh Binh

With 15 years of suffering behind her, the Asiatic black bear begins her new life

Bear Napa

Rescue Bear Napa

Jul 2018 - Arosa

After a long journey the first bear moved in Arosa Bear Sanctuary

Rescue Bears Leo and Melanka

Rescue Bears Leo and Melanka

Sep 2020 - Domazhyr

The 'Presidential bears' rescued after 14 long years in a barren cage

Rescue Bears Anya and Frankie

Rescue Bears Anya and Frankie

Aug 2020 - Domazhyr

A long life of happiness awaits them

Cuc and Nhai, a life behind bars

Rescue Bears Cuc and Nhai

May 2020 - Ninh Binh

After 18 years behind bars, Cuc and Nhai get rescued to a new life

Bears Mi and Tam

Rescue Bear Cubs Mi and Tam

Jan 2019 - Ninh Binh

Two bear cubs saved from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

Bear Ben in a tiny cage

Rescue Bear Ben

Dec 2019 - Ninh Binh

He suffered almost three decades in a tiny, filthy cage

Dasha and Lelya at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Rescue Bears Dasha and Lelya

Oct 2019 - Domazhyr

They have spent most of their lives in a small concrete cage, unable to express their natural behaviour

Confiscated Bear in a cage

Rescue Bear Freddie

Dec 2019 - Ninh Binh

The story of a bear, confiscated from the backseat of a taxi

Bear Misha at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Rescue Bear Misha

Nov 2019 - Domazhyr

First steps in his new life

Bear Rocco

Rescue Bear Rocco

Jun 2019 - Müritz

FOUR PAWS rescues bears from a tiny cage in Albania

Bears in Vietnam

Rescue Bears Chuoi, Tao and Le

May 2019 - Ninh Binh

Chuoi, Tao and Le were successfully lured out of their cage for the last time

First Bear Rescue in Vietnam

First Bear Rescue in Vietnam

Nov 2017 - Ninh Binh

Nhi Nho, Thai Van and Thai Giang now live in BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh 

Bear Laska

Rescue Bear Laska

Feb 2019 - Domazhyr

FOUR PAWS rescues Ukrainian baiting bear

Bears Hoa Lan and Hoa Tra

Rescue Bears Hoa Lan and Hoa Tra

Aug 2018 - Ninh Binh

FOUR PAWS rescues a further pair of abused bears caged for over 12 years

Bears Long and Trang

Rescue Bears Long and Trang

Nov 2018 - Ninh Binh

Two bears are in safety and one more Vietnamese province has no more bile bear farms

Bear Tyson

Rescue Bear Tyson

Oct 2017 - Domazhyr

One of 'Europe’s saddest bears' gets a new home at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Bear Mashutka

Rescue Bear Mashutka

Nov 2017 - Domazhyr

FOUR PAWS rescues Ukrainian fighting bear 

Bear Manya

Rescue Bear Manya

Oct 2017 - Domazhyr

Ukrainian restaurant bear rescued by FOUR PAWS

Bears May and Binh Yen

Rescue Bears May and Binh Yen

Apr 2018 - Ninh Binh

FOUR PAWS ends the keeping of bile bears in Ninh Binh province

Bear Potap

Rescue Bear Potap

Jul 2017 - Domazhyr

Potap is now able to enjoy a peaceful life in a near-natural environment

Bear at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

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